Welcome to Sue Chic!

As a mum of 6, I've always had a busy home life and over the years as you can imagine, our house has been 'revamped' many times! As such I developed a love for upcycling and reimagining furniture and home décor.

As my children grew up and I found myself with more spare time, I decided to re-train and learn more about different paint finishes and mixed media in order to further my skills.

I have upcycled numerous items of furniture for myself, friends, family and customers when I turned my hobby into a career. I love to use different paint finishes, decoupage, tranfers, gilding, stamps and mouldings to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Through my work I have discovered and used lots of fabulous products that can really take your projects to the next level. I am often asked how to achieve different styles and as a result of this I have decided to share my knowledge through workshops, so be sure to check out up coming dates on the workshops page!

Sue :) x